• We do not share or sell any personal data for any reason, under any circumstance, to anyone.
  • We do not store your IP address beyond the life of your session, for your account security.
  • NO member information is ever available to anyone without logging in.

Royalties & Artistic Rights

Music in Track Authority is played through YouTube per their terms and conditions. Our memberships will soon include commercial free music streaming where we pay synchronization or mechanical royality rates. If your music is represented here or you can help answer the many questions related to implementing transparent play counting for PROs, please reach out to us:

Redeeming Awards

  • Cash awards my be redeemed by snail-mail at no charge, or electronically at the cost of that service to Track Authority
  • Non-cash awards must be redeemed as described on that Challenge page or through communication with the Group Administrator. For resolve any issues please email
  • Founders, Admins, and Owners are ineligible to win any sponsored awards or win Fantasy Track Ball


  • Prizes are paid for by Track Authority Sponsors and Group owners
  • Apple, iTunes, and Amazon Music Cloud are not sponsors of Track Authority