What is Track Authority

What is Track Authority?

Track Authority is a platform of music games to build great playlists with friends and reward each other for the best selections.

What is a Group, and how do I join a Group on Track Authority?

Groups are essentially different music games in Track Authority. Each group has it's own membership and features different Playlists and Challenges. Each group has slightly different rules for how you join and how you participate. To join a private group, you have to be invited by someone who is already a member of that group. Fantasy TrackBALL is the only public group. Click here to join fantasy TrackBALL. Yes, you can be a member of more than one group.

What is a Challenge?

A Challenge is the first step in building a musical Compilation. A Challenge is essentially a title, image and at least one example track describing the musical theme.

What is the difference between a Challenge, a Playlist, and a Compilation?

Really, they are all the same thing, but in different stages of development. It all starts when a member creates a theme and issues that 'Challenge' to the Group. Then members submit songs to build the Playlist. Once the playlist is complete, all the members can enjoy the music and start rating the songs. At the end of the rating period, a winner is chosen and prizes are awarded. At this point, the Playlist becomes a Compilation. Members can still listen to the music, rate the songs, and leave comments, but the Challenge period is over.

  • Challenge: a musical theme, described by a title, image, and at least one example track
  • Playlist: a Challenge with at least one prize and many songs from other members that everyone in the group can listen to and rate. At this stage, who submitted which song is still anonymous.
  • Compilation: the final cycle in which who submitted which song is revealed, and those who submitted the highest rated tracks win the sponsored awards or cash pool.

What can I win?

  • Winning any Challenge makes you a Track Authority of that Challenge and comes with special priviledges for customizing the Compilation, sponsoring future Challenges, vetoing bad tracks, and limited 'offline' listening of the finalized Compilations. There are always additional specific prizes per Challenge in each group:
    • In Fantasy TrackBall, by default the user who submitted the highest rated track is awarded 80% of the cash pool for the challenge.
    • In The Gift of Music, prizes are paid for by sponsors and usually offer concert tickets or gift certificates for music
    • In The Puda Vida Music Club, prizes are set and distributed by the group owner to it's membership.
  • Additionally, as you listen, rate, and add music to Track Authority you gain cash credits spendable in the prize marketplace

What can I loose?

  • There is nothing to loose by participating in any Challenge. All paid "bets" placed on your tracks are in fact advanced purchases for access to the finalized musical Compilation created by the group.
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